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Preview of Research Paper No. 16:

Collective Memory and Forgetting: A Theoretical Discussion, by Cindy Minarova-Banjac,

Research Paper No. 16, The Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies, 2018 [Bond University, Australia]

Preview of Culture Mandala, Vol. 12 no. 2, December 2017:

Confucianism and Ecological Civilization: A Comparative Study by Yuan Shuai

Viewpoint on Theory – Reconciling Realism and Constructivism: An Analysis of National Interests and Institutions by Jamie Jaafar

South of South – Australia and Its Influence in the Antarctic by Jemilla Raphael

China's Connections with Europe: Investments Beyond the European Union by Alica Kizekova

Propaganda as 'Knowledge' Production: Alexander the Great, Piety, Portents and Persuasion by R. James Ferguson

New Subject:

Confucian Philosophy: A Philosophy for the Self explores what it means to learn, to live and to love in a joyful way in the new Subject “PHIL 11-106 Confucian Philosophy: A Philosophy for the Self”, offered from this semester at Bond University (Queensland, Australia) by Dr Yi Chen, Assistant Professor of Confucian Philosophy at the Faculty of Society and Design. A short video introduction can be found here. For further information, please contact Yi Chen at

Featured Website:

International Relations EDU has a wide range of information on International Relations careers, jobs, salaries and degrees at

The Confucian Weekly Bulletin: The Confucian Weekly Bulletin serves as a lively platform for open discussion, news and current event, research and new publications, and for ideas about the role of Confucianism in modern society.

New Article:

The Politics of Revenge and the Destruction of Sacred Sites, by R. James Ferguson (Journey to the West series).

Research Papers:

The Ancient Egyptian Concept of Maat: Reflections on Social Justice and Natural Order by R. James Ferguson, Research Paper No. 15, The Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies, 2016 [FSD, Bond University, QLD, Australia]

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The Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies has a site located at
The China Institute of International Studies has a wide range of reporting and articles on Chinese and international affairs at
Learn Stuff About International Crisis Groups has a useful listing of these agencies plus related publications at
Merics, the Mercator Institute for China Studies, provides useful information and reports on China, including pieces on its economy, politics and international relations, located at
North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) provides a range of comprehensive reporting on Latin American Affairs at
U.S.-China News Brief'is a weekly roundup of top news stories from around the globe', focused on U.S.-China relations, produced by the U.S.-China Policy Foundation, access via
The Southeath Asia Research Centre(SEARC, City University of Hong Kong)has a widerange of working papers on Southeast Asian politics and international relations available at provides as web-smart way to search the internet and at the same time directly generate money to fight poverty, improve water supplies, education and the environment, located at
The Culture Mandala, published below, has a new formal site published via Bond University Library E-Publications at
The NATO Review magazine provides a range of articles and research on defence, security and political issues (informative, but largely written from the Western perspective) at
OBOR Watch is a useful webpage that monitors and updates information on China's One Belt One Road Initiative, at
The Research Papers for the Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies, published in part below, can also be found via
The Russia Council provides a range of reports, article and research on international affairs, largely from the Russian perspective, at
The Silk Road Foundation publishes a range of useful articles on Eurasia, Inner Asia, Religion and the Silk Road itself at
A usual range of discussions with International Relations and Globalisation theorists (including Alexander Wendt and Michael Doyle) can be found at Theory Talks via
The European edition of the Wall Street Journal can be found at
[NB The listing of these websites does not constitute an endorsement of the particular views or content of these sites. All data should be used critically]


Culture Mandala, Vol. 12 no. 1, September-December 2016

Us and Them: Constructing South Korean National Identity through the Liancourt Rocks Dispute by David Kozisek

Viewpoint: The Role of International Organisations in the Russia China Relationship

by Polina Campbell

Rising Assertiveness Versus Peaceful Development: Making Sense of China's Ambivalent International Behaviour by Lukas K. Danner

The Bandung Spirit: Connecting with the Future by Rosita Dellios

THAAD: Missile Defense or Diplomatic Challenge by Kun Min Tayler' Lee

Book Announcement: The Politics and Philosophy of Chinese Power:

The Timeless and the Timely

Culture Mandala, Vol. 11 no. 2, September-December 2015:

India's Military Modernisation: Assessing the Impact on India's Relative Power and Foreign Relations by Keith Sypott

Can the 'Apology Standoff' between China and Japan be Resolved? By Darryl Lupton

Gnosticism: The Wise Sister of Christianity by R. James Ferguson

The City-God Temple of Shanghai: A Protective Presence by Rosita Dellios

Conference Report on the 4th World Buddhist Forum in China: Exploring the Value of Buddhism in Modern Times by Vivian Fung

Culture Mandala, Vol. 10 No. 1, December 2012 - May 2013:

Conference Report: A Confucian Tinge to Security (The 9th Annual East Asia Security Symposium)

China and Southeast Asia: Beyond the Pivot by R. James Ferguson

Satellite Hacking: A Guide for the Perplexed by Jason Fritz

Viewpoint: Why the BRICS – A Chinese View by Yue Cui

The Bully, the Underdog, the Shape-Shifter and the Survivor: How Wars will be Fought in the Future by Rhys Binney

Book Extract: Towards A Balanced China by Rosita Dellios & R. James Ferguson

Culture Mandala, Vol. 10. no 2, October-December 2013

Are the Demons Sleeping or Have They Been Banished? Europe 1913 Verses Europe 2013 by Drew Sandstrom

Centre Report on Confucian Roudtable in Brisbane by Rosita Dellios

Great Traditions and Grand Narratives by R. James Ferguson

Viewpoints: The Entangled Triangle of Nepal, India and China by Dhamesh Patel

Culture Mandala, Vol. 9 no. 1, September-December 2010

Talking with Gao Xingjian in Brussels by Trevor Carolan

Why the Beijing Consensus is a Non-Consensus: Implications for Contemporary China-Africa-Relations by Max Rebol

Viewpoint: Global Order – Enlightenment or Confucian Values? by Reg Little

European Counter-Traditions and the Western Unconscious by R. James Ferguson

Natural Justice and its Political Implications: Legal Philosophy Revealed in the Doctrine of the Mean by Dr Shan Chun

Culture Mandala, Vol. 9 no. 2, September-December 2011

Tibet and Xinjiang: Their Fourfold Value to China by Franziska Elmer

Sino-Indian Soft Power in a Regional Context by Rosita Dellios and R. James Ferguson

China's Foreign Aid Policy: Motive and Method by Sara Lengauer

Who has heard of the Faroe Islands? by Marius Thomassen

Book Review - Writing as Enlightenment: Buddhist American Literature in the Twenty-First Century by Trevor Carolan

Culture Mandala, Volume 7 no. 2, 2006-2007 

Sino-Myanmar Relations: Analysis and Prospects
by Lixin Geng
Mandala and Its Significance in Magindanao Muslim Society
by Mark S. Williams
The Day the Dentist Came to Town: A Balinese School Receives Its First Mobile Dental Service 
- A Centre Report
The Bhavachakra or Wheel of Life Mandala as a Buddhist Paradigm for International Relations
by Maggie Grey 
The Pakxe Project: A contribution of the Lao People to the unity of South-East Asia and to World Peace
by Laurent Ladouce
Viewpoint: The Rise of the East and the Decline of the West
by Reg Little
Human Development According to Adam Smith and Karl Marx
by Ratan Lal Basu 
Sensing Belief Systems: Review of Barry Hill's Broken Song: T.G.H. Strehlow and Aboriginal Possession
by Michael Platzer


Culture Mandala, Volume 8 no. 1, 2008

Contemporary Political Mobilisation of the Caliphate: 
The Clash of Propaganda and Discontent,
by Dr R. James Ferguson  

How China Will Use Cyber Warfare to Leapfrog in Military Competitiveness
by Jason Fritz

Viewpoint: Laissez Faire, Sustainable Development and Crisis in Democracy 
in the New Millennium
by Ratan Lal Basu  

Mandalic Regionalism in Asia: Exploring the Relationship between 
Regional Governance and Economic Security
by Rosita Dellios


The Culture Mandala, Volume 6, no. 2, 2005

Reflections on Democracy and Development in Southeast Asia: 
Why do the Philippines and Singapore Differ? 
by Rachel Caoili

Discourses on Empire: From National Sovereignty 
to Global Power Distributions in the 21st Century 
by Michael Hoy

The Rise of China as a Global Power
by Rosita Dellios

Viewpoints: Crimes to Come in the Tsunami Zone
by Karsten von Hoesslin

Viewpoints: Why the Human Development Index Does not Measure Up to Ancient Indian Standards
by Ratan Lal Basu

Centre Report: Burmese and Thai Esoterica - From the Golden Pagoda of Shwedagon

The Culture Mandala, Volume 7, No. 1, December 2005

China's Space Program: A Strategic and Political Analysis
by Rosita Dellios

The Emptiness of Codependent Origination
by Maggie Grey

The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka
by Cathrin Thodock

The South China Sea - From Within
by Karsten von Hoesslin

Reflections on a Forgotten Secretary-General
by Michael Platzer

Human Development Part 2:

Ancient Kingship, Modern Politicians and the Problem of Corruption in India
by Ratan Lal Basu

Review of John M. Hobson The Eastern Origins of Western Civilization
by Reg Little

Centre Report: Barcelona's Casa Asia

The Culture Mandala, 6 no. 1, 2003:

The Cosmopolitan Epoch: Configuring a Just World Order

by Dawn Carey

A Mandala for the Southeast Asian International System
by Siska Lund

The Transnational Politics of Cuban Music and Cuban Culture
by R. James Ferguson 

Confucian Ethics and the Envronment
by Li Tianchen

When Civilizations Compete - A Review of Early China / Ancient Greece: 
Thinking Through Comparisons
by Reg Little

Review of The Diamond Sutra: The Perfection of Wisdom
by Trevor Carolan

Making the Spirit Sing - A Review of Trevor Carolan's Return to Stillness: 

Twenty Years with a Tai Chi Master
by R. James Ferguson


Culture Mandala, Vol. 11 no. 1, September-December 2014:

An Analysis of the Opportunities for Brand Business Development within the Chinese Social Media Landscape

by Natasha Graham

Viewpoint: of What Use is an Ancient Philosopher, Confucius, to 21st Century China

by Samad Aftab

How Will Australia's Strategic Culture Inform its Engagement with the Indo-Pacific Region

by William Cannon

Chinese Regionalism: China's Engagement with ASEAN and the SCO

by Scott Blakemore

A Brief Overview of Chinese and Confucian Studies in Australia

by Rosita Dellios

The Culture Mandala: The Bulletin of the Centre for East-West Cultural 
and Economic Studies

The Culture Mandala is a non-technical Bulletin aimed at increasing academic and public awareness of cultural and political affairs which impact on international relations, globalisation andEast-West Relations.

The Culture Mandala, 5 no. 1, 2002:

Dogs of War or Tomorrow's Peacekeepers?
by Tanya Cook

Diplomatic Adventurism in Indonesia?
by Anne Cullen

Political Poets: Exposed
by Lisa Davidson

The Museumification of the Village:
Cultural Subversion in the 21st Century
by Paulette Dellios

The Rasa of Leadership in Contemporary Asia: The Nexus of Politics, Culture and Social Performance
by R. James Ferguson

Zen and Wall Street: Profile of a Philosopher Investor 
by Martin Lu

On Two Ancient Chinese Administrative Ideas: Rule of Virtue and Rule by Law
by Zhang Xiangming

Conference Report: The Future of Development and the Development of the Future
by Rosita Dellios

Latin America in the International System:

Sample Study Guide: Latin America in the International System (2017)

Background Briefing Archive

1. An Introduction to Latin America in the Global System: 
Places, Themes, Legacies and Uneven Development (2006)

2. Latin America in Transition: 
From Colonisation to Nationalism to Globalisation (2006)

3. Mexico in Progress and Crisis: From Cortes to NAFTA (2006)

4. Cuba: Revolution, Resistance and Globalisation (2006)

5. Colombia: Paradox, Intervention and Survival (2006)

6. Brazil: A Revisionist Great Power, or Fragmented Development (2006)

7. The Struggle for Democracy: Chile as a Reform Model (2006)

9. Regional Organisations and Regionalism: Hemispheric Diplomatic and Trade Systems (2006)

10. The Latin American Search for Security and Foreign Policy Convergence in the 21st Century (2006)

11. Mercosur: Problematic Regionalism in the 21st Century (2006)

12. The Quest for Stability - From Dependence to Interdependence (2006)

Useful Websites and Publications for Latin America:

    The Caribbean Community (Caricom)webpage contain useful updates and news briefings, found at

    A mixed range of news items on Central American and world affairs can be found via theCentral American Daily at

    The Center for Latin American Studies (at Berkeley) has a wide range of working and  policy papers on Latin and South America that can be accessed via

    The Summit of the Americas Information System provides useful information and documents on the Summit and related Latim American processes at

    Global perceptions of the U.S. and its policies, with many items translated from other languages, can be found at Watching, located at

The Culture Mandala: The Bulletin of the Centre for East-West Cultural 
and Economic Studies

The Culture Mandala, 4 no. 2, 2001:

The Game of Leapfrog and the Internet: Developing Countries 
and the Information-Divide
by Jill Margerison

Daoist Perspectives on Chinese and Global Environmental Management
by Rosita Dellios

Healing the Wound: Some Cross-Cultural Challenges to Australia-Indonesia Relations
by Freddy K. Kalidjernih

Internationalisation of Japanese Education in the 21st Century
by Glenn Stockwell

Conference Report: Cultural Heat in Yunnan



Sample Study Guide: Eurasia 2018

Background Briefing Archive

Eurasia focuses on new relations emerging across Eurasia, including Russia, the Ukraine, and wider Central Asia, plus interactions with China and Northeast Asia. The policies of China, Japan, the US, EU and India to the region are addressed. New economic, energy, environmental, religious and strategic interests have transformed the nature of modern Eurasia, making it a vital but turbulent zone of interaction. Particular themes include the current Russian effort to strengthen its global influence, the Ukrainian crisis, China-Russia relations, the future of Siberia, Central Asian ecological and developmental problems, energy politics, the regional impact of reconstruction in Afghanistan, the role of Islam, and the influence of Turkey. Major regional organisations are studied, including the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Eurasian Economic Union and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. In ancient times the Silk Road linked these regions through a shared interest in trade. Today, convergent economic interests are challenged by different perceptions of how security and political stability might be developed.

Lecture Program Archive A
1. Eurasia: Super-region or Zone of Conflict? (2008)
2. From Russian Empire to Eurasian Power (2008)
3. Kazakhstan: From Exploitation to Nationhood in Central Asia (2007)
4. An Arc of Instability? - Security Dilemmas in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (2007)
5. Russia-China Relations: The Bear and the Dragon (2006)
6. Ukraine's Democratic Revolution: The Western Tilt and Russian Necessities(2007)
7. Siberia, The Russian far East and the 'Future' Land (2007)
8. Meeting on the Road: Islamic Culture and the Politics of Sufism (2007)
9. Turkey's Multi-Regional Perspective (2007)
10. The Reconstruction of Afghanistan: From War to a Dependent Democracy? (2007)
11. Tibet: From Buddhist Polity to Invasion to Diaspora (2008)
12. Avenues Out of Crisis: Global Imperatives for Eurasian Transition (2007)

Archive B

B4: Japan and Eurasia (2004: Summary Powerpoint Slides)

B12a. The Wider Eurasia Framework: ASEM and Fragile Trilateralism (2004, Word document)

A4. An Arc of Instability?: Security Dilemmas in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, 
and Chechnya (2003)

A9. Regional Connectivities: Turkey, Iran, and the New Great Game (2002)

A10. Geopolitics of the Silk Road (2002)

Useful Websites and Publications for Eurasia, Russia and Greater Central Asia: 

    Central Asia - Caucasus Analysis provides a range of useful articles and links concerning Eurasia, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus via

    The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute Analyst (John Hopkins University) provides a wide range of reporting and analysis on Central Asia and Eurasia, located at

    The Central Eurasia Studies Reviewprovides a range of useful articles and reviews (in html and pdf format) on Eurasia and Central Asia on their website at

    A range of critical analysis and news reports on Eurasia, Russia and Central Asia can be found via the The Eurasia Internet at

    The Global Policy Forumis a web-based resource with critical commentary on major international actors, including the UNSC, NGO's and the US on the basis of increasing accountability. Located at

    The International Crisis Group (ICG) has a wide range of reports on Eurasia that can be access via http://

    TheInsitute for Public Policy (IPP) provides a range of useful articles on Central Asian and Eurasian affairs at

    Islam for Today provides a convert's view of Islamic and global affairs, located at

    A wide range of commentary and short articles on Central Asian and Eurasia Affairs, from the view of the government of Kazakhstan, will be found at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies, at

    Al Nakhlah is a useful on-line journal of Southwest Asian and Islamic affairs, published by the Fletcher School of Tufts University, with the current issues and archives available via

    The Russia and Eurasia Security Network (RES) provides a range of analysis on Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eurasia, via

    Local Russian Far Eastern news can be found in the Vladivostok News, located at

Selected Research Papers from
The Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies

1. Chinese Strategic Culture - Part 1
by  Dr Rosita Dellios

Chinese Strategic Culture - Part 2: Virtue and Power
by Dr Rosita Dellios

4. Meeting on the Road: Cosmopolitan Islamic Culture and the Politics of Sufism
by Dr R. James Ferguson

5. Religious Liberty as a Paradigm for the Development of Human Rights
by Alexandra Merritt

6. China's Nuclear Environment and the US Theatre Missile Defence Initiative
by Mitchell McGuire

8. China and the Emerging Eurasian Agenda: From Special Interests 
to Strategic Cooperation 
by Dr R. James Ferguson

9. Strategic Powers in a Post-September 11, Post-American World: 
The European Union and China

by Dr Heather Field and Dr Rosita Dellios

10. Mandala: From Sacred Origins to Sovereign Affairs 
in Traditional Southeast Asia
by Dr Rosita Dellios

11. Development of Eco-Tourism in Tribal Regions of Orissa: Potential and Recommendations
by Dr Nilakantha Panigrahi

12. Rome and Parthia: Power Politics and Diplomacy Across Cultural Frontiers
by Dr R. James Ferguson

13. Freeing Knowledge, Telling Secrets: Open Source Intelligence and Development
by Cody Burke

14. Primacy of the State in Global Integration:

Successful Strategies for Gaining State Support for Global Maritime Security Integration

by Jeffrey Decker

Advanced Global Politics and Alternative Globalisations

Sample Study Guide: Alternative Globalisations (2017)

Background Briefing Archive:

1. The New Global Politics: Alternative Outlooks in a Period of Contested Globalisation (2007)

2. International Relations from Thucydides to World Systems Theory (2007)

3. Transnational Realities: Diaspora, Migration and Refugee Flows (2007)

4. The Contested Role of Culture in International Relations (2007)

5. Economic Cultures - From Reconstruction to Growth to Instability (2007)

6. Soft and Hard Power: Case Study - The Chinese Century 1949-2049
(Power Point by Guest Lecturer Dr Rosita Dellios) 

8. From Economies to Ecologies:Contested Visions of Sustainability (2007)

9. Alternative Global Forces: Islamic International Relations and Transnational Flows (2007)

10. Cities in the World System: Singapore, Shanghai, Berlin, Dar es Salaam and Beyond (2007)

11. Scripts for Cooperation and Protest: People Power, Low-Violence Strategies, and Cosmopolitan Governance (2007)

12. The New International Relations - From Crisis Management to Strategic Governance (2007)

Archive B

A8&11. Poverty, Aid and Development -Summary and References (2005)

Culture Mandala December 2009: -

Report on Chinese Energy Security and the Role of the PLAN 

by Ryan Clarke

On Chinese Cosmopolitanism (Tian Xia)

by Shan Chun

Globalization and Public Sector Reforms in a Developing Country

by Hemant B. Chittoo, Needesh Ramphul, and Bhissum Nowbutsing

Hong Kong: A Blessing of Contradictions

by Rosita Dellios and Karsten von Hoesslin (Photo-essay)

Viewpoint: The Eco-Ethical Views of Tagore and Amartya Sen

by Dr Ratan Lal Basu

Viewpoint: Confucian Reconstruction of Global Economics and Finance

by Reg Little

Australia and the Asia-Pacific:
Sample Study Guide (2017)
Background Briefing Archive
1. Introduction: From Australasia to the 'Indo-Pacific' Region (2007)
2. Australian Foreign Policy: From Commonwealth Servant to Global Player? (2007)
3. The Transformation of Indonesia (1997-2007) and its Regional Significance (2007)
4. An Asia-Pacific 'Concert-of-Powers' or Strategic Imbalance? (2007)
5. Australian Defence Policy: Old Methods and New Threats? (2007)
6. ASEAN Plus: Government-Led Regionalism and Uneven Development? (2007)
7. Asia-Pacific Patterns of Transnational Transition: Foci of Instability and Underdevelopment (2007)
8. Meeting of the Cultures in the Pacific (Guest lecturer, Dr Rosita Dellios)
10. South Asia and the Indian Ocean: Cooperation or Institutionalised Conflict? (2007)
11. Regional Engagement and Competing Regionalisms (2006)
12. Regionalism, Development and Peace?: Future-Directed Policies for the Indo-Pacific Region (2007)
Archive B

A9. The Not So Peaceful Pacific (2005)

Archive C
B3. Nationalism  and Identity: Australia, Indonesia, and East Timor
Useful Websites for Australia and the Asia-Pacific
A number of useful research papers (and other publications), focusing on Australian politics and international relations, can be located from the online page of the Parliament of Australian Parliamentary Library at
    The Edmund Rice Centre, a social action and advocacy centre supported by the Christian Brothers, has a range of interesting materials on international and Australian policies in relation to social justice, located at
    Asia Times Online provides an effective and alternative view of Asian and global affairs, located at
    The CSCAP (Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific)homepage provides a range of useful information on its roles via

Culture Mandala, Vol. 11 no. 1, September-December 2014:

An Analysis of the Opportunities for Brand Business Development within the Chinese Social Media Landscape by Natasha Graham

Viewpoint: of What Use is an Ancient Philosopher, Confucius, to 21st Century China by Samad Aftab

How Will Australia's Strategic Culture Inform its Engagement with the Indo-Pacific Region

by William Cannon

Chinese Regionalism: China's Engagement with ASEAN and the SCO by Scott Blakemore

A Brief Overview of Chinese and Confucian Studies in Australia by Rosita Dellios

International Relations, Diplomacy and Governance Briefs:

1. The America India Foundation
2. ASEM Beyond 2001
3. River System Management (by Adrian Gepp)
Featured Links and Websites: -
Buddhism Resources is a useful site with buddhism related news, books and web resources 
Key Word Map on the Internet is a useful index of key ideas on the internet. has a wide range of resources for news, science, art and business.
Journey to the West - In current debates on globalisation and East-West studies it is more important than ever to have a firm grasp of the culture, politics and history of the 'the West', Europe, the Mediterranean and the Near East. This site is developing brief resources to support the understandings that drove large segments of the world order for almost three thousand years. This site has now been moved into a wider history, politics and culture webpage.
Sample Video Briefing
Indian Culture: India and Beyond
Features images of Konark Temple and Odissi Dance performed by Sonali. With thanks to the International Institute for Development Studies (Australia and India) and the Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies, Orissa.
(10 minute section of a longer documentary in Realplayer video format. This may take about 10 minutes to load on a dial-up modem. )
News Services and Newspapers
    For the Saudi and Arabian view of Middle Eastern and world affairs, see the Arab News at
    A range of useful news coverage (global, regional, and Australian) will be found in The Agenewspaper, at
    SBS (Australia) broadcasting has a variety of news and documentary content located at
Research Tools: -
    Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
    A useful and detailed free web resouce is the Wikipedia, an open source encyclopedia with over 441,000 articles. Though not peer reviewed, its articles are often a useful starting when read critically. 
Specialised News Services 
and Search Engines:
    Worldpress.orgfeatures a wide range of alternative news stories, including material on Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Eurasia, at
    Dogpileis a powerful metaseach engine located at

    The European Union and the New Europe:

Background Briefing Archive

Archive B(2003)

Useful Websites and Organisations 
NB - The International Relations Portal is not responsible the content in these external sites. Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of the views, contents or policies of any of these sites. These sites are useful for research but readers should use all information critically.

A wide range of Buddhist resources, including ebooks, can be found at BuddhaNet via

The Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict
has a useful website with numerous publications researching security, conflict and peace studies issues.

The Center for Contemporary Conflicthas a wide range of papers and articles in the journal Strategic Insights, focusing on war, conflict, terrorism, and strategy as viewed by the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, with access via

The Center for Economic Policy Analysis
from the
New School Universityhas a website which features a large number of Working Papers on economic, development and social policy.

Information on Peace Initiatives and other analyses of Colombia will be found at theCentre for International Policies' Colombia Project, located at

Comparative Connections, an E Journal of East Asian Bilateral Relations, provides a range of useful articles at

The Counterpunchpolitical newsletter provides a wide range of critical (and radical) commentary on world affairs at

EnviroLink Network provides a wide range of environmental news and resources at

The ESCAP (UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)homepage can be found at

Foreign Policy journal runs a very useful and diversified website at

Freedom House provides a range of advocacy reports and updates on democracy, human rights and press freedom at is a useful site for international relations which can provide free, on-line brief translations to and from most major European languages

The Global Exchange
Global Exchangeis a human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world.

The Global Development Network has a wide range of resources and news on development at

The Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has a range of m and comprehensive documents including a Handbook on Nuclear Law.

Human Rights Watch (Worldwide) provides a range of useful reports on human rights, politics and democratisation at 
The International Atomic Energy Agency  
The IAEA has a range of useful documents, including reports of current meetings with Iran, and comprehensive documents including a 
Handbook on Nuclear Law.

Journey to the West:

Essays in History, Politics and Culture  

  Provides a range of resources including essays, background briefings,  bibliographies, internet resources, and audio-visual listings for those interested in history, politics and cultural formations.

Subjects covered include Diaclectic, Plato, Aristotle, the Fall of Athens, Greece in the Fourth Century B.C., Scribes and Heroes,Tacitus, Machiavelli, Morgantheau, Political Realism, Mackinder, Mahan, Geopolitics, and Sufism. 

Parallel Sites:

The Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies

CEWCES has the purpose of facilitating research, teaching and interdisciplinary applications focusing on the interactions among cultural, social, economic and political aspects of international affairs. The Centre examines the changes at the cultural and political levels which have radically altered the international, strategic and economic relationships of the Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific regions.

The Confucian Weekly Bulletin:

The Confucian Weekly Bulletin serves as a lively platform for open discussion, news and current event, research and new publications, and for ideas about the role of Confucianism in modern society.

Perspective on China – Monitoring China's Rise in the 21st Century

This site provides an overview of some emerging issues for China in the Twenty-First Century.

Nuclear Complexity in the Third Nuclear Age

China's Environmental Dilemmas: National Development Verses Global Leadership

The Significance of China's Aircraft Carrier Ambitions

On Rising Powers, China's Military Power and Global Security in the 21st Century

Japan-China Crisis and the Risk of Unwanted Conflict

Tracking China's New J-21 Stealth Fighter

The Chinese College for Defence Studies Revealed

China's New Stealth Fighter – Closing the Gap

Further Web-Links

The International Crisis Group (ICG) has a wide range of updates and research papers on crises across the globe at http://
The International Labour Organisation has an extensive website, with access to detailed histories of the labour movement in the 21st century.
The International Relations and Security Network, a Swiss contribution to Partnership for Peace, has a wide range of news updates, links and in depth pieces.
The International Women's Development Agency
has been active for over fifteen years as a non-government orgnisation involved in partnership programs around the world designed to relieve poverty and oppression. Current projects are underway in Bougainville, along the Thai-Burma border and in Vietnam.
The Journal of Humanitarian Assistance
is a searchable, on-line journal with a range of useful information on peace and development studies, published by the Department of Peace Studies, the University of Bradford.
Journal of World History provides an archive of current and past articles on world perspectives, located at
The Journal of World-Systems Ressearch 
A useful on-line journal featuring articles on the environment and world systems theory.
Le Monde Diplomatique
This on-line journal (in English as well as French) has a wide range of short critical articles on diplomacy and International Relations. About one quarter of the content allows free access.
NDI (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs) 
Access Democracy has a useful search engine with documents monitoring elections, democracy and human rights, including pages on Latin America, at
The Royal Institute of International Affairs
has a range of useful artilces and briefings on global affairs, most recently on Liberia and Iraq.
The South Centre
provides critical perspectives of the UN, reform and other developmental issues, including a regular Bulletin.
A wide range of informative articles can be found in the UN Chronicle, plus links to other UN databases, access via
Wikipediais a useful and detailed free web resource, an open source encyclopedia with over 441,000 articles. Though not peer reviewed, its articles are often a useful starting when read critically. Located at 
The World Values Survey provides a range of useful information on political, social and cultural values mapped across the international system. 
Its homepage is located at

Other Useful Links
to dozens of International Relations, Asian Studies, Foreign Affairs, Government and NGO Websites. Other useful Internet Resources as well as news wires and newspapers


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